Caelum's weathered skin bears the scars and tatoos of a successful caravan guard, only the shining conviction in his eyes reveals his new calling.


Character Class/Level – Cleric of the Living Waters/3

Race – Athasian Dwarf

Alignment – Chaotic Good

Size – M; Age – 80; Height – 4’11”; Weight – 190 Eyes – Blue; Hair – N/A; Skin – Copper where it peaks through his tatoos

Speed – 20 feet

Str – 11 Dex – 11 Con – 18 (+4) Wis – 16 (+3) Int – 13 (+1) Chr – 15 (+2)

AC – 6 (+4+2)

HP – 36

Initiative – 0

Fortitude – 7(+3+4); Reflex – 3(+1+2); Will – 6(+3+3)

Base Attack Bonus – 2; Grapple – 2

Melee Attack Bonus – 2; Ranged Attack Bonus – 2

Skills: Gather Information – 7 (5+2)Not all of C’s trading instincts have left him

Knowledge (Elemental Planes) – 2 (1+1)A novice in these matters, C is anxious to learn more

Knowledge (Nature) – 6 (5+1)To the Dwarves knowledge of the wilds is second only to combat

Perform (Oratory) – 7 (5+2)C has devoted himself to this art with gusto

Survival – 6 (2+3+2)C specializes in finding shade and water

Feats/Special: Living Waters; Lightning Reflexes; Run

Turn Undead – 5/day

Spells: 0-level (7)- Create Water; Detect Magic; Detect Poison; Purify Food & Drink

1-level (5+1)- Bless Water; Cause Fear; Clear Water; Comprehend Languages; Cure Light Wounds; Doom

2-level (2+1)- Cure Moderate Wounds; Enthrall; Fog Cloud

Weapons: Trident – 1d8

Armor: Chitin Shirt +4; Heavy Wooden Shield +2


Wealth: 1cp


Caelum was born into a tightly knit clan of Dwarvish traders operating out of Azeth’s Rest and loosely affiliated with the Merchant House of the same name. Caelum was raised to be a merchant and, considering his proximity to the Bandit Lands, a fighter. For 20 years Caelum pounded the road between Azeth’s Rest and Raam trading wood, bone, slaves and anything else that could be loaded onto a wagon. During this time Caelum gained some small notoriety for his fighting prowess and thus was brought to the attention of the House Azeth elders.

One human in this group, Volib, took a special interest in Caelum and asked whether he would join a special mission Volib was dispatching into the Glowing Desert. The pay was enough to widen even Caelum’s world-weary eyes and so he agreed. The long months trudging through unmarked desert, battling bandits and Thri-Kreen were some of the worst in Caelum’s experience but Volib had chosen a group of survivors. Finally, Caelum and his fellow hired hands came upon the ruin and its manifold treasures. As his companions began searching the ruin for treasure, Caelum followed the smell of moisture and found a contraption out of a Sorcerer King’s garden, a fountain. There Caelum was visited by a Water Elemental who taught Caelum that Athas was not meant to be a desert, rather it was a world that had once been covered in water and, one day, would be so again.

Caelum swore to serve the cause of this Elemental and bound his life to his kind. Well-pleased, the Elemental caused a mist to fall around Caelum. This act certainly saved Caelum’s life as the dark power that lurked within the ruins was awakened and devoured all of his companions. The evil missed Caelum in the mist and the Dwarf ran from the sound of screaming men and crunching bones protected in a fog.

The next few weeks of Caelum’s life were a blur of burned skin, thirst and hot sand, only the dream of water running over Athas keeping him going. Caelum eventually found himself in Raam where his mental fog finally cleared and he began his new mission of hope.

Caelum’s focus became uncovering the source of water on Athas that would invigorate the dying land. As he sought out new wells and oases, Caelum healed the sick and wounded he encountered and preached of the wonders to come once his mission was fulfilled.

Rumors spread of a dwarf with striking blue eyes who could discover new water sources in the driest deserts. Most wrote him off as a future banshee but word eventually reached Volib and Caelum found himself having to fend off assassins and avoid staying in one place for too long.

One day while preaching and healing among a band of escaped slaves, a young half-giant crouching away from the group drew Caelum’s attention. Caelum administered a sip of blessed water to the youngster and like that Tutoc became the dwarf cleric’s first disciple.

“Careful Father,” a downtrodden human warned. “That one has the Gedaliah Templars after him.”

Caelum responded, “It has been said, ‘When the Oceans and Lakes are filled – the Dragon Kings’ armies will be crushed under the waves.’”

And with that Caelem and Tutoc reentered the waste to continue the cleric’s search.


The Hidden Fourth Eccles