Character Class/Level – Gladiator/3

Race – Athasian Half-Giant

Alignment – Chaotic [Variable*]

Size – L; Age – 19; Height – 11’7”; Weight – 1250 Eyes – Brown; Hair – Sun-bleached; Skin – Deep sun-burnt brown

Speed – 40 feet

Str – 24 (+7) Con – 17 (+3) Dex – 12 (+1) Wis – 7 (-2) Int – 7 (-2) Chr – 7 (-2)

AC – 5(+3+1-1+2)

HP – 56

Initiative – 5(+1+4)

Fortitude – 9(+3+3+3); Reflex – 2(+1+1)); Will – -1(+1-2)

Base Attack Bonus – 3(-1+1+3); Grapple – 14(+3+7+4)

Melee Attack Bonus – 10(-1+1+3+7); Ranged Attack Bonus – 4(-1+1+3+1)

Skills: Bluff – 4/5(6-2)Though it didn’t come easily, T was trained to be cunning

Climb – 9(2+7)His reach and strength allow T to go from the streets to the rooftops in the blink of an eye

Feats/Special: Improved Unarmed Strike(Always Armed); Arena Guile; Improved Feint; Improved Grapple; Improved Initiative

Weapons: Swatter – 2d8+7 (Critical x4); Heavy Spears(3) – 1d8+7 (Critical x3) Ranged 20

Armor: Studded Leather (+3)




Tutoc never met his father or his mother, growing up he knew only the gruff Dwarf trainer who hoped to make him into an arena star.

As a teenager, Tutoc’s owner sold him to a gladiator manager to settle a debt. Teenage gladiators in Urik are known as yearlings and Tutoc’s strength and speed made him a standout in his class.

Tutoc’s manager treated him like the prize fighter he was destined to become and the half-giant lived better than the majority of Hamanu’s subjects with all the food, drink and women his adolescent heart could wish for.

In many ways Tutoc was a victim of his own success as he drew the attention of Hamanu’s Steward. This black-hearted nobleman delighted in blood sport and offered enough money to Tutoc’s new owner to pit the young half-giant against the beasts of the deep desert.

As Tutoc was led from Urik to the Steward’s private arena outside the city, a kindly old slave whispered to Tutoc and revealed to him his fate.

Tutoc had become spoiled in his luxury and had lost the mentality of the slave. Striking out right and left, Tutoc’s handlers were left broken and bloody in the dust. The half-giant then struck off through a field of barley, on his way he killed a slave overseer who sought to stop him, the field slaves dropped their tools and followed…

Months later the group was far from Urik and had joined a band of escaped slaves who survived by looting trade caravans. Tutoc’s strong arm and vicious combat skills made him a welcome addition to the raiders. However, it was Tutoc who would spelled the groups destruction.

Hamanu’s Steward was furious at Tutoc’s escape and brought the entirety of his master’s spy network to bear to track down the Half-Giant.

It took no more than a dozen of Hamanu’s Gedaliah Templars to destroy the dozens of hardened raiders. Tutoc was away on a scouting mission when the attack fell and so escaped unharmed. However, word reached the scouting party telling of who had destroyed their band and Tutoc was forced to keep away from the main group. The hope was that if the Templars found them they would settle for killing or taking Tutoc while the rest escaped.

It was in that sorry state that Tutoc discovered his reason for living. When Caelum arrived in his camp, Tutoc listened closely to his message, wishing the Templar’s death warrant didn’t prevent him from joining the fiery Dwarf. Thus, to Tutoc it was nothing less than a miracle when Caelum offered him a taste of blessed water and told him that he was welcome to join his search. It was then that Tutoc knew his fate was not to die beneath the Templars’ blades, instead his name would survive through history as the companion of the One… the One who would revive Athas and rule the wide world with mercy.


The Hidden Fourth Eccles